Welcome to the Livepeer Documentation

Livepeer is a decentralized video broadcasting platform powered by a crypto token on the Ethereum blockchain. Livepeer is for:

  • Developers who want to build applications that include live video.
  • Users who want to stream video, gaming, coding, entertainment, educational courses, and other types of content..
  • Broadcasters who currently have large audiences and high streaming bills or infrastructure costs can use the Livepeer network to potentially reduce costs or infrastructure overhead.

Use this documentation to learn how to broadcast video through Livepeer, participate in the Livepeer protocol as a transcoder or delegator, and build apps or DApps with video based features using Livepeer.

We suggest you start with Quickstart. If you are interested in testing out Livepeer without setting up your own nodes, sign up for early access to the pilots program.


The code for this documentation is open source and is available on Github. Updates and pull requests are much appreciated.