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Open Projects

Livepeer also posts open problems for discussion, ideas, and collaboration on Github. Check out:

Contributing to Livepeer

For developers who are looking for interesting to problems to work on related to decentralized tech, blockchain, cryptocurrency, video engineering, and peer-to-peer networking, Livepeer may provide some interesting challenges. The three technical areas that Livepeer focuses on today are:

  • Protocol implementation (Smart Contract)
  • Livepeer Node (Distributed Systems / Networking)
  • Livepeer Media Server (Video Engineering)

For the protocol , you can follow the protocol repo. It requires some background in Solidity and the Livepeer Whitepaper.

For the livepeer node, check out the go-livepeer repo. It requires some understanding of Golang and Geth. Setting up a development enviroment can be done by following `these instructions`_.

For the livepeer media server implementation, take a look at the LPMS repo. It requires some video engineering knowledge. The demuxed conf videos and the Apple Live streaming doc are good resources to start learning.

If you’re interested in the any of the above challenges, or are building video features into an application, jump into our development chat room on Discord and join the conversation.